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Dominican Republic

About the Mission

Train and Supply Christian Leaders with teaching tools and techniques in 38+ locations covering
the South, East, and North part of the island.

Funding the My Only Hope School a Haitian Refugee Camp School outside La Romana. This
includes paying for the teachers, books, food, water, medical, dental, vitamins, clothing, and

Fundraise for the purchase of Land for a new building for the My Only Hope School. Followed
by funding for a new school to be built.

Furnish school supplies and toys for all locations.

Support - The Boys Home Bethesda Orphanage – through funds and shipped supplies.

Present Women’s conferences, Camps and Vacation Bible Schools on mission trips.

Support for leaders to serve full-time in ministry. Ms. Jane & Friends Gospel Ministries has teams teaching Bible lessons in public schools.

Furnish Bible & Tracts.

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